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What Are HCG Shots

A Valuable HCG Sublingual Mixing Guide for Dieting Needs

A sublingual HCG procedure involves using HCG in a liquid form under the tongue. This is done for several reasons:

• To get the HCG to move through the bloodstream
• To make it easier for the body to take advantage of the HCG
• To keep the body from suffering from issues involving the HCG breaking down as it is being consumed
• In order to avoid difficult injections

It doesn’t take too much time to get an HCG sublingual mixture ready. Here are a few steps that you are easily take advantage of when getting HCG ready.

What will you need?

There are a few points that you will need to get:

• Alcohol as a preservative and to help improve the absorption rate of the HCG; you must not use rubbing alcohol because it will be too strong
• A vial that can store a set about of HCG; a vial for 1,500 IU should work
• A small syringe to use for drawing water and alcohol together
• A small bottle for storing the HCG in; you should go for a 10 mL bottle at the largest

What mixing needs are there?

You can mix the sublingual HCG by using a mixture that contains 0.1% of the vial size that you are using. You will need to use 1.5 cc per mL of water and alcohol if you have a vial that can handle 1,500 IU of a mixture. This mixture will be stored in a small bottle.

You will have to mix the alcohol into the bottle first and then the water. The entire area should be clean.

You can then swirl your vial around to create a healthy mixture. The mixture should work well with a soluble form that is capable of binding well.

The syringe that you can use will then be used to draw the solution out. This can be stored in a small container and then refrigerated. You’ll have to refrigerate this if you want to keep it preserved as well as possible. HCG can lose its effectiveness if it is stored out in a warm environment for too long.

You can easily use this process to manage your weight loss needs. This HCG sublingual mixing guide is your key to making sure that you know what you’re doing with your drops.

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